Structured Wiring

Building a new house or adding an addition? Cititech Security & Sound Inc. with experience of 17 years, will help you to design a structured wiring plan that will support your telephone, TV, and computer networking needs. We specialize in running wires from a structured wiring panel to locations discussed. From the panel, we run a set of different wires such as RG6, Cat 5 & Fiber Wires for Shaw & Telus incoming feed

Low Voltage Wiring

The best time to consider your Low voltage pre-wiring while your new home is being built, and ready for your electrical and low voltage pre-wiring. There are many decisions to make during the construction process and it is not recommended to wait until the last minute. It is best to work with our team to carefully consider all your low voltage options as early as possible. It is important to think about the use of each room in your home, short and long term. Furniture placement will have an impact on the installation locations of phones, TV, and Computer outlets. Cititech Security & Sound Inc. can help you with all of these decisions. Cititech Security & Sound Inc. specializes in the modernistic low voltage installations in the Lower Mainland Area

Security System Wiring

Security system is one of the safety features that helps a person to keep a track of all the activities around their property. In order to have the system, it is crucial that the process of installing the necessary wires be done during the construction stage of the house. Our team of professional’s place these wiring strategically to avoid any damages to the system.

Audio & Video Wiring

In order to have good placement of your Audio system, speakers, and TV sets, it is vital to have these wiring be done during the construction phase of the property. With 17 years of experience in the Security and Automation industry, Cititech Security & Sound Inc. will guide you on the best location possible at the property where the system can be incorporated.


If you need a viable form of communication and a way to control access to the front of your home or business, then intercoms are the most effective technology. Cititech Security & Sound Inc. recommends that the wiring for the Intercom be done during the construction phase of the property. Our team of professionals complete their task with finesse.

Motorized Blind Wiring

Cititech Security & Sound Inc. Motorized blinds are fully programmed to your needs with energy conservation technology. To install automated blinds, it is necessary that the wiring installation be completed during the construction phase. Our team of skilled professionals will take upon the task to complete this with finesse.

Underground Wiring

Cititech Security & Sound Inc. specializes in running specific Gel Underground wiring for Security System and Service Provider feeds. These are run when we have a detached Garage or Laneway House.